Performances include regular concerts in the Holywell Music Room, Oxford, a Soirée Occitane at the Maison Francaise in February 2006, and a concert performed at the launch party of The MUSIC of LIFE held before an audience of 200 in the Balliol College Hall on 10th June 2006.

Various members of the ensemble have also been involved in launching The MUSIC of LIFE in different parts of the world and in performances of Lecture Concerts on The MUSIC of LIFE. Their most recent concerts abroad were in February 2011 to a full audience in Kirche St Maria Magdalena, Berlin and in June 2011 at the Aula Magna, University of Milan. The group has also featured on French television channel France 3

The Oxford Trobadors take their inspiration from the music of the language, Occitan, in which the 12th and 13th century Troubadours composed. La lenga de l'amor

The language and culture are still alive today in the south of France and parts of Italy and Catalonia. ‘Troubadour’ in Occitan is written ‘Trobador’. The language resembles Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

With music from medieval to modern, and influences from Rock, Pop, jazz, folk and classical, The Oxford Trobadors play to packed houses. As Ray Noble puts it:

“We put on a show. The group come from a variety of musical genres. We don’t think how a song should be because it is medieval. We think this is how it is, the language, the poetry and the rhythm, the feeling; and so we may use rock, jazz, folk or classic styles to bring the music to life for the audience. Above all we are entertainers.”