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The OXFORD TROBADORS perform the music of the medieval Occitan Troubadours and of their brilliant modern successors. Don't worry if you don't know the language. Our programmes give you the clues. By the end of the performance everyone will be singing, even dancing, along with us. Modern popular music of song and dance owes much to those 12th century poets. Their explorations of life, love and leisure inspired Dante to write his Divina Commedia and, through grand opera, to today's popular musicals.

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The Oxford Trobadors take their inspiration from the music of the language, Occitan, in which the 12th and 13th century Troubadours composed. La lenga de l'amor.

Our Next Concert

The Oxford Trobadors return again to the stage
Hugely enjoyable medieval and modern love songs from the South of France.
Sunday 28th April 7pm-9pm

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