Audience Reactions and Reviews

November 2012 (in Holywell Music Room, Oxford)

"It just get's better and better" "Rossella Bondi added a new dimension" "Best concert to date!"

July 2011 (in Holywell Music Room, Oxford)

"wonderful concert" "The passion and dynamic powerfully touched many people's hearts." "Infectious exuberance and high skill, as ever, from everyone in the troupe; but also an added dimension in the ‘ensembles’, marking the growing creative empathies within the group, which I see maturing with each performance. Spellbinding!"

"The music is irresistible; it is music to relax to, sway to and tap your feet to, especially when it is performed as well as it was here." Review in the Oxford Times

February 2011 (in Kirche St Maria Magdalena, Berlin)

I haven't enjoyed a concert so thoroughly in a long time. The students also were thrilled It'll be a day long remembered

January 2011 (in Holywell Music Room, Oxford)

Trobadors Triumphant! You electrified the audience another magnificent evening! It was wonderful! an enormously enjoyable evening.

This was an intriguing, unusual evening, introducing listeners to a new repertoire of music, which was delivered by a group of versatile musicians with warmth, commitment and plenty of pizzazz. Magnificent. Review in the Oxford Times

August 2010 (in Holywell Music Room, Oxford)

What a feast - one pleasurable surprise after another - moving climax Great fun and thoroughly enjoyable an evening of music and song speaking with real feeling Looking forward to the next

January 2010 (in Holywell Music Room, Oxford)

extraordinary occasion: great venue, superb performances amazing concert truly a magnificent concert very original event beautiful, simple but astonishing! tremendous performance!


Nadau ta Baptista

The video recording of The Oxford Trobadors performing Nadau ta Baptista has now received over 5800 views on YouTube

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